There are dating websites that work and there are dating sites that don’t. Honestly, this is not rocket science. It’s connecting with like-minded people looking to hookup, start a serious relationship or just meet for casual friendship. The issue is that so many fake dating sites exist today that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

With more than 50% of the people living in the United States being single, there is going to be more and more companies creating sites to connect these people. Unfortunately, some of these people take advantage of each those gullible and willing to pay lots of money just for the chance to meet someone.

The problem: They’ll pay for services that don’t work.

What I’ve done to help you out is share some insight into a few fake sites that I recommend avoiding. You don’t have to take my advice, but I’d suggest that you do not join any of the sites below for all the reasons mentioned.

List of dating sites I avoid

Dating Sites I Always Avoid – The reason I don’t like is that when I joined, the users that were presented to me as being interested completely disappeared when I eventually upgraded my membership. – I avoid this site because the company specifically states that they pay employees to communicate with people. They also admit to creating test profiles, which is a really big deal if you ask me. It’s a huge scam if you ask me. – I can’t stand this site because it redirects to another website known as Anytime you type in a name and it redirects, it’s a complete scam. I don’t care what the terms and conditions are at all. – This is another scam that tries to mask itself as being associated to Snapchat, but it’s most definitely not associated with that company or app at all. Instead, they make use of the Snapchat logo and redirect users to another site that rips people off. That’s all I can say about this site without getting too upset. – The website is a complete scam and one of the worst kind too. That’s because they incorporate the use of online cupids which are basically fake profiles meant to cause people to upgrade their memberships. It’s nothing but a monstrous scam!

If you’re looking for a full list other sites, then you’ll want to avoid these dating scams forever and check back regularly given that the scams grow on a daily basis.